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Welcome to 2021 Everyone!
2021 is a new year and while we are still hunkering down in our bubble let’s take the time to be productive and intentional in our knitting endeavors.

For 2021 we propose a #planknitkal in which we organize our yarn, patterns, knitting tools, etc.

Each quarter we will offer a challenge and host it on IG and Rav for little drawings such stitch markers, a pattern, a skein of yarn etc (drawings will be at random times) 

While at the same time choosing a pattern from your library, matching it up with yarn from your stash and knitting it during that quarter.


1st Quarter Challenge:
Each week plan on organizing some of your stash in whatever fashion you prefer.


2nd Quarter Challenge:
April-June - Pattern Organization

organize your patterns and match yarn in stash to the patterns


3rd Quarter Challenge:
July - September - Get Comfy

Organize a space in your home to house your crafting endeavors, and decorate a space just for you to sit down and create!


4th Quarter Challenge:
October - December - For Others

It’s the holiday season so let’s create handmade gifts for those we love.
(this last one is subject to change as it’s not really in keeping with the year of organization so just a heads up on that) 

This is your goal and our challenge to you so make it your own! Come join us this year and remember to use the #planknitkal !

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