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24 Days of Cheer Swap Sign Ups now open!!!

Can you believe this is our 5th year doing this swap?!?!?!

As you may remember, this is a low cost, but full of love, friendship, and fun way to obtain an advent yarn calendar without having to spend upwards of $200.

Emily and Stephanie (we) started this swap 5 years ago because we wanted advent calendars but neither of us had the funds then, or now, to dedicate to such an endeavor. SO we said, "Why don't we make up our own advent calendars from our scraps and send them to each other?" Thus the "24 Days of Cheer Swap was born.

We are so excited to open things up for international swappers this year again though we did need to separate out USA vs international signups as shipping internationally from the US is not doing well exactly at this time.

Those within the USA can find the signups HERE

Those international participants can sign up HERE


If you are not on Ravelry anymore, please send Emily and Stephanie an email with a request to be partnered up at

Here are the details for the amazing event!

1) Prepare 24 mini skeins/balls of 5-7 grams each (Fingering/Sock Yarn)

2) At least 12 of the mini’s need to be from stash (all can be from stash as well).

3) For day 25, please package up a full size skein of indi-died yarn for your partner. (Please no box store or commercial yarn)

4) Package each mini skein/yarn ball in a non sea through package/wrapping for each day.

5) You may include little notions, tea/cocoa, little extras, patterns or other fun treats if you wish.

Dates to keep in mind:

  • Swap will open for sign ups on October 1st, 2021

  • Swap partners to be assigned by October 16th, 2021

  • All packages to be mailed no later then November 15th or before.

  • Please post in the thread once your package has been shipped, provide tracking Numbers as well.

6) Please copy/paste and answer these questions in the signup thread (or your email to us) 😊

  • What type of holiday (or no holiday) you would prefer your package to be themed around.

  • Do your drink tea, coffee, cocoa or other.

  • What is your favorite Sweet.

  • What is your 3 favorite yarn colors.

  • Do you have any allergies we should know about.

  • How many times have you participated in this swap.

A great place to look for packaging ideas is on pinterest for all types and price points, for the packaging.

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