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Andersmill Knits | Ep 57.2 | Knitting Life with BostonJen

We were so happy to have BostenJen1 of the Down Cellar Studio audio podcast and YouTube channel join us today! We had so much fun and so many things to discuss it couldn't be contained in one episode so this week you get a two for one deal! lol

Before we get going let me introduce our hosts:

Emily: Andersmillknits on Raverly and IG

New website: Home | AndersMill Knits (


Stephanie: Farmsteadknits on Ravelry and IG

Our Guest:

Jennifer Lassonde: Bostenjen1 on Ravelry and IG

Down Cellar Studio on all major podcatchers and on YouTube!

You can also find all her amazing knit and crochet designs on Ravelry under Jennifer Lassonde.

A little bit of Admin:

Complete show notes for AndersMill Knits Channel as well as the Little Cabin Knits Audio Podcast can now be found there. We want to invite people to go over and join our mailing list we are updating it almost daily as well as looking at implementing forum posts and hosting our swaps and ‘Alongs there as well.

SWAP Idea: Budget limit of $50 Sign up till March 26th Send out package by April 19th Ravelry Group: AndersMill Knits For the Love of Minis (host group for our twice yearly mini advent swap) be looking there for sign ups coming up for our July Swap!

Update on #planknitkal​: Show yarn giveaway and announce winner (lmecoll - Linda Collins)

1,000 Subscriber giveaway: We’ve had a lot of new traffic to the channel and for that I am grateful. Just a reminder to subscribe as well. I will be giving away a skein of yarn at the 500 subscriber mark and at 1,000 we will be giving away:

1. A sweaters Quantity of yarn + a pattern of your choice of up to $10 U.S. dollars on the pattern plate form of your choice.

2. Book: Seasonal Slow Knitting + 1 skien of yarn

3. 1 skein of yarn + a pattern of your choice of up to $10 U.S. dollars on the pattern plate form of your choice. So share, like and subscribe to get the word out!

In this episode we discuss our Finished Objects, and take a deep dive into how each of us organize our daily lives, our goals, motivations, how our journey looked to get to where we are now.

We discuss the challenges that face each of us as we explore what works and doesn’t work for us, we give insights into how you might stay motivated, and explore ways we incorporate our knitting into our everyday activities.

We’d really love to hear from each of you on the ways in which you organize, motivate and incorporate knitting into your everyday life. Please comment here with your ideas!

Our goal in recording this segment was to provide encouragement and awareness that each of us are unique in our styles and methodologies. We hope it is helpful to you!

FO’s Emily:

Ball Band with a twist by BostenJen or Jennifer Lassonde

Baby Yoda by octoberin_thechair free pattern on Ravelry

FO's Steph:

Snow Week with kids, NO Fo’s sadly

FO's Jen:

Ursa Sweater by Jacqueline Cieslak Yarn: Kraemer Yarn Mauch Chunky in the Juju Fruit Colorway

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