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Around The House Head Kerchief

Updated: Mar 5

I designed this pattern for myself but also decided to share it with my subscribers.

My intent was to create something to wear around the house as I do housework and want to keep my hair covered and clear but not up or squished by a hat. Luckily I think it adorable enough to wear out and about on errands.

This is the first in a series of head kerchiefs I am designing. Enjoy!


Any fingering weight yarn

US 3 Needles

1 small button

Darning needle

Finished Size:

To fit head circumference of

22” (24”)


3 Sts per inch


Cast On 105 (111) Sts

Knit foundation row

Next row and all following,

S1 knitwise, k1, ssk, knit to end of row

Continue in pattern until there are 3 sts left on the needle,

Bind off row: sl 1, k2tog, slip st over.

Block lightly.

Sew a small button (one that you can slip through the garter ridges) on one point of the cast on edge.

Around the House Head Kerchief Pattern.Fix 3.1.23
Download PDF • 430KB

Design by Emily Hooyer ©andersmillknits Provided Free by Little Cabin Knits Podcast

Published 02/2023

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