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Between Knits & Purls: The Goofy Episode

Show notes for 2/12/22

Welcome to the Goofy Show!

Hosts are:

Emily who is Andersmillknits on Ravelry & Instagram

Stephanie who is Farmsteadknits on Ravelry & Instagram

We are also betweenknitsandpurls on Instagram

We have a Ravelry group called:


We have a website with all the show notes and much more to be found!

Emily has an Audio Podcast as well called

Little Cabin Knits

You can find it on all the major podcatcher networks such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast, Audible, and Spotify to name a few. You can only leave a review of the podcast on Apple Podcast and Emily asks that you leave one to get the word out there :)

Current KAL:

Project Down Along #Projectdownalong2022

Hosted mainly on the Little Cabin Knits Audio Podcast

From Jan1 - May 31st

Prizes: 8, pattern codes from Alexandria of wee_ewe_knits on IG, 2 sweaters quantity, and 2 skeins donated by a friend of the audio podcast.

Sign up for the SWAP!

Hygge Home Swap (sign ups via google forms)

Sign ups open until midnight of 2/14/22 Alaska time

Winners of the Knitting the Blues Away KAL!


Prize Pack 1: This is how I knit T-Shirt with sock set from Zebra Yarns

Winner is: crescendogal on IG

Prize Pack 2: Adjustable Sock Blockers with Zebra Yarn Sock Set

Winner is: Shaunastitches on IG

Prize Pack 3: Zebra Yarn sock set

Winner is LovesBullTerriers on Ravelry

What we are wearing:


Weekender by Andrea Mowry

Knit with Andersmillknits yarn in the ground colorway (DK weight)

Held double with a mystery mohair lace weight in Pink.


Silver Forest by Jennifer Steingass

Works In Progress:


  1. Jelly Roll Blanket by Kay Jones of the Bakery Bears YouTube Channel

Knit with minis and scraps (fingering) to create a baby blanket for her baby due in June 2022

  1. Anker’s Onsie by Petite Knit

Knit with Long Dog Yarn in the Christmas Confetti Colorway (fingering)


  1. Socks

Knit with Charming Ewe in the Rusty Bucket Colorway

  1. Renga Beret by Reetta Pelikka

Knit with Tara Tweed form Tajik Yarns

Finished Objects:


  1. Moose by Susan B. Anderson

Knit with Knit Picks Provençal Tweed in the colorways Coffee Bean, Salsa Verda, Black, and Cream

  1. A Girl’s Best Friend by Isabell Kraemer

Knit with Sew happy Jane in the Lavendar’s Blue colorway, and the submerging colorway, and Hazel Knits in the Cabbage Rose colorway.


  1. Around Every Corner by Stephanie Lotven

Knit with Seapandayarns Yarn Gradient in the Blues

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