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December Self Care Calendar

Happy Thanksgiving Eve Everyone!

Just a heads up that we are releasing a special "Between Knits and Purls" episode on our channel tomorrow morning and I hope you stay till the end as we have some exciting news!!!!

Stephanie and I (Emily) are so grateful to each of you. You make each day a true blessing. The friendships we have gained from our wonderful knitting community cannot be compared. there is nothing else like it in the world! We want each of you to know that we cherish you!


Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the newsletter for December's self-care month.

If you haven't as yet, the option to sign up pops up on your screen after you have been on the website for a few moments. Just fill in your email address and I can send you the daily self-care reminders during December!!!!

As a preview here is the calendar that I have made up. Feel free to print this off and have it ready to go but it will also be included in every newsletter post in December.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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