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December Self-Care Challenge Day 12: Cook & Eat Your Favorite Meal

For a lot of people cooking is a time for self-care. I admit that I am usually not one of those people however, during this time of year I love to turn on the Great British Baking Show, roll up my sleeves and bake my heart out.

On occasion I also love cooking dinner but these days my food selection is very limited by the baby growing lol. He seems to only want chicken and fruit! Not something that inspires me to get in the kitchen and cook!

However, I have one meal that has always made my tummy happy and that is Beef Stroganoff. Oh, the creaminess of the sauce with those juicy mushrooms and little bites of steak over noodles always makes my mouth water!

Today I plan on using my mother’s recipe for this and try my hand at it.

What about you?

What’s your favorite meal?

Is it something from your childhood?

Is it something you tried on your own as an adult?

Whatever it is I welcome you to cook it up for you and your loved ones today.

Food is often called the language of love.

It’s because we put so much time and energy into it and it is one way that we can show how much we love others.

I remember when my husband and I were first dating, and I wanted to make him a home cooked meal to show him how much I was coming to love him. Only problem was (and honestly is) I have never been a great cook. But there is one thing I am great at cooking and that is buttered noodles.

So, I prepared the meal, set out the candles on my table, put on a nice dress and invited him over.

It didn’t go as planned. I was so nervous I overcooked the noodles and I didn’t have enough butter to make the sauce as buttery as I would have liked so they came out sticky and dry not smooth and buttery as they should have been (at least in my mind’s eye).

Poor Jeremy took one bite and smiled at me through the mush in his mouth. He tried to eat it, oh how he tried! But even I, with my love of the meal, couldn’t stomach it!

We ended up ordering in pizza that night and to this day if I say I’m going to make buttered noodles for dinner he gets a panicked look on his face!

But that’s a cherished and fun memory to us both now. Why? Because I tried to show him my growing love, and he knew it. He accepted my imperfection and loved me probably even more because of that.

Take a chance tonight my friends and make your favorite meal for yourself and anyone else in your household.

Make it a night to cherish. Turn on some music, maybe light a candle or two. Bring out the good china and create a feeling of loving acceptance and appreciation.

We don’t have to wait for the holidays, or an anniversary to have a special dinner for the ones we love. Any day can be made special. So don’t wait.

The feeling of love and appreciation that you will poor out to your loved ones, and receive in return will fill your self-care cup. I promise (even if it ends up in the garbage and you order in pizza to save the night) lol.

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