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December Self-Care Challenge Day 13: Deliver a Plate of Goodies

Everyone loves a good plate of goodies from a neighbor or friend. Here’s another one of “Emily’s Lists” for some reasons why.

5 Reasons to Give to Others, Especially Christmas Baked Goods

1. Makes the recipient feel appreciated and thought of.

2. You don’t feel guilty when you pig out on them in one sitting.

3. The act of giving lowers your blood pressure

4. The act of giving increases both the givers and the recipient’s self esteem

5. The act of cooking/baking is meditative

The past 18 months has seen a major increase in home baking…hmmmm I wonder why? ;) And I’m no exception. I’ve baked more bread, cakes, brownies, and cookies then I knew was in me. Add to that I’ve been experimenting with baking up the delicious recipes found on “the Great British Baking Show” and let’s just say I’m grateful for stretch waistbands!

We’ve learned a lot in the past year around hygiene and keeping a safe distance from others. One thing we have learned as well is that thankfully, covid-19 is not spread through food production and eating!

Even now though, as we’ve sadly become more accustomed to the precautions needed to keep ourselves safe, there is still uncertainty out there. Thankfully the CDC has put out guidelines to help us continue to stay safe.

According to the CDC, the USDA, and the FDA, there is no evidence that the coronavirus has been spread through either food or food packaging. The CDC reports that though coronavirus may be spread by touching a surface that is contaminated, that is not the main way the virus is contracted. The way people catch the virus is through prolonged personal contact, so you'll need to practice social distancing even when it comes to the exchanging of baked goods.

Here are some safety tips for delivering baked goods this holiday season.


Good hygiene in the best of times requires cleanliness, and you shouldn't be preparing food for others or sharing food if you are sick. Assuming you aren't sick, and that you are preparing food according to the current CDC guidelines of "clean, separate, cook, and chill," you can safely share your baked goods with loved ones or friends who live outside your home.


Make sure your hands are clean and that you don’t sneeze of cough of the packaging. You can wear plastic gloves to be extra safe, but doctors say it is not necessarily needed. Also remember that the virus is not very heat resistant, so if you're sharing something that is going to be reheated such as a pie, the CDC recommends using glass cookware than can go in the oven. For a temporary cover, they recommend parchment paper or foil, as both of them can be reheated, rather than wax paper or plastic wrap.


In keeping with social distancing guidelines, be sure to stay at least six feet away from others when delivering baked goods. Place food on the porch or at the front door and step back with a nice note—there's no need to actually see the recipient. If you're on the receiving end, bringing baked goods into your home is not complicated. Quarantining and sanitizing food containers is not necessary or recommended by experts. What is recommended is washing your hands. Should you rewrap packages you've received? There are no CDC or WHO guidelines that recommend it. Because washing with soapy water kills the virus, washing your hands is still the best thing you can do to stay safe. It may not be exciting, but the best advice is still "Wash hands, wash hands, wash hands!"

May the bake be with you, my friends! (See what I did there)?

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