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December Self-Care Challenge Day 18: Do Something Physical

Sometimes there is nothing better than a brisk walk in cold air, or lifting weights for 10 minutes, or riding a bike to let out all the inner emotions that roll through us every day.

Emotions are all around us, and inside us. Sometimes they are so powerful and strong that they floor us.

Every wonder why we therapists advise individuals who struggle with anger concerns to take a walk around the block when they feel they are being overwhelmed with anger?

It’s because our emotions need an outlet. If we keep them bottled up inside they morph into other things like a headache, or even a cold. Sometimes we need a healthy alternative to releasing our emotions than yelling at ourselves or someone else.

I for one am a major advocate for a good cry for instance. I think it’s a wonderful a healthy outlet for emotions that either we can’t name, or that overtake our senses. Most often tears are a productive relief from the pressure building inside us. But at other times it can lead to headaches and guilt or the worst of the worst shame. Why? Because often our society labels tears as weakness, and when we see others cry we ourselves begin to panic because we have no idea what to do to help the crying individual. Instead of saying to them “don’t cry!” or “Buck up it’ll be okay” if we just sit with them without judgement or perhaps even give the person a shoulder to cry on, then the emotional damn that was inside the person can break and they feel much better in the end.

However, like I said, sometimes crying isn’t enough of an emotional release and so I invite you to try a physical activity today to release whatever is rolling around inside you.

Perhaps you are stressed about making ends meet, or that you can’t afford an over-the-top holiday like in years past. Perhaps you are worried about someone, and you don’t know what to do, or work has you so stressed that you dream about it and wake up in a panic each night. Whatever is going on inside you, allow yourself the chance to let it out through physical activity today.

Like I mentioned back on day 7, remember the stretching day? I am not a doctor or physical therapist, or yoga master who has any right to tell you what your physical activity should look like.

So today I am not going to offer you suggestions or workouts to follow, I am just going to invite you to engage in something physical, whatever that looks like to you (for me it’s usually a walk in the snow and vacuuming lol).

Enjoy the physical activity and allow it to take the form of emotional release.

If you’d like to know more about the mental health benefits of exercise, I invite you to take a look at this wonderful article from I really like the way they break down the benefits of physical activity in the different areas such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and even ADHD.

Enjoy yourself today my friends!

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