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December Self-Care Challenge Day 20: Wrap All the Presents

Wrap all the presents – no more last-minute wrap racing!

Every Christmas I tell myself that this year will be different. All the presents will either be purchased, or made, weeks, if not months in advance; the decorating will stay on budget, and all the presents will be wrapped so nicely they should be in a museum! This year I am proud to say that so far, the presents are wrapped, I’m only majorly (rather than disastrously) over my set budget for decorations and presents, and the decorations have been simplified. But man, it takes a lot of brain power to do that!

But we all know there are still presents to be wrapped, last minute details to solidify, perhaps a party or two to plan for or attend. So let’s take a moment to at least wrap the presents in such a way as to not overwhelm ourselves.

Today let’s focus on getting those presents under the tree, shall we?

1. Set the mood. Put on some cheerful music, clear off the kitchen table, send the kiddos or other loved ones scurrying to their rooms, and poor yourself a cup of your favorite beverage.

2. Get Organized: Bring out all the wrapping paper, tissue, gift boxes, bows, cards, tape and scissors and make sure you have enough of each. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of wrapping presents only to find I’m at the end of the roll and at least 3 more presents to go. So before you get going make sure you have enough and if not take a leisurely trip to the store. No need to rush this is your time.

3. Arrange the gifts: Make piles of all the gifts in order of each family member so you don’t get confused.

4. Set a timer: Wrapping presents is fun at first but can be exhausting after a while. Set yourself a timer, say 30 minutes, then take a break for some fresh air or go cuddle with one of your kiddos 9or in my case my dog) for a few minutes before coming back to the to pick up those scissors again.

5. Label, label, label: I don’t know about you, but I like to use the same wrapping over and over – that can get confusing so make sure and label the to and from cards as you go so you don’t get lost!

6. Label some more: If you have traditions, like opening one present on Christmas eve (they are always pjs in this household!) or want to make sure all of the gifts from Santa are appropriately marked – do that as you go ---I like to also use a different wrapping paper for all stocking stuffers/”from Santa” presents – it keeps the illusion going.;)

7. Reward yourself: Job well done my friend – place those presents under the tree and do something for yourself now!

Need some help wrapping those presents to make them as perfect as you imagined? Here are a few gift-wrapping tutorial videos I found that may help!

· Professionally wrap your gifts

· Wrap your gift like Macy’s

· Wrap your present like a pro

· Gift wrapping hacks

Happy wrapping everyone!

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