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December Self-Care Challenge Day 22: Do Something For Yourself

Technically today’s title was changed lol as I have down to buy yourself a plant or a goodie and as I was contemplating writing this, I thought to myself “That’s to narrow let me see how I can broaden this idea.” What emerged is the idea of you doing something just for you. Whether it is indeed buying yourself a holiday plant or goodie, or it’s you taking an unplanned nap, a drive to look at Christmas and Chanukah lights, or to order pizza for dinner.

Today I want you to just allow yourself to do something for yourself and no one else. Yes, that means I am asking you to be what some might call “selfish” however we are calling it what it really is “self-care.”

There is this belief in the world that when we focus on ourselves, we are being selfish and thus self-care is a selfish act. However, let’s take a look at the actual definition of the word selfish.




1. (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.

"I joined them for selfish reasons"


egocentric · egotistic · egotistical · egomaniacal · self-centered · self-regarding · self-absorbed · self-obsessed · self-seeking · self-serving · wrapped up in oneself · inward-looking · introverted · self-loving · inconsiderate · thoughtless · unthinking · uncaring ·

Now on the other hand let’s look at definitions for the term Self-Care.

Self-care –

“refers to actions and attitudes which contribute to the maintenance of well-being and personal health and promote human development” – Wikipedia

“Care of the self without medical or other professional consultation” –

“Care for oneself” – Miriam-Webster Dictionary

“These are our daily activities in looking after ourselves. The process of looking after oneself. Avoiding all threats and issues that may make a person face irritable and uncomfortable circumstances” – Psychology Dictionary

Now compare the two different definitions. To be selfish is to not care about another’s wellbeing. To practice self-care, you contribute to your own well-being. The definitions of self-care NEVER state that you are to ignore the well-being of others, just that you are putting energy into your own well-being as well.

So today I invite you to put energy into your own well-being and do something for yourself. Release the feeling of guilt that may arise when you are doing this. You are not doing this to punish another of ignore another’s needs. You are doing this, in fact, so that you may have the energy to devote to another’s needs in the future.

Remember that my friends.

Self-Care is NOT the same as being selfish.

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