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December Self-Care Challenge Day 26: Thank you Notes

Send a Thank You Note

I remember my mother writing thank you notes and cards to friends and family during the holidays. She would write them in response to Christmas cards they sent, goodie plates left at the door and gifts received. I was always amazed at her attention to detail and gratitude but I never thought I would be someone who would write thank you cards. They just seemed like a lot of time and energy.

However, over the years I have come to really appreciate writing cards (and boy have I written a lot in the last few months after getting married)! And I have come to learn that writing a thank you card after receiving a gift is a thoughtful gesture that leaves the writer feeling accomplished and the receiver feeling appreciated. Even if you live in the same house!

There are many times when writing a thank you note is appropriate here are a few occasions.

1. After receiving a gift

2. After a dinner party or being treated to a meal

3. When someone does you a favor

4. To your mentor

5. When someone gives you their time

6. Following an important event (like a wedding, christening, barmitzvah, etc)

7. After receiving condolence notes

8. After being a houseguest

9. After a major life change (ex. Divorce, graduation, etc)

10. After a job interview

11. After a promotion or raise.

Okay slow down, don’t get overwhelmed, remember these events do not happen very often but you can plan on a few days a year sitting down and writing out a few thoughtful thank you note.

But what does a thank you note look like? It can be as simple as a quick note saying thank you, or it can be more detailed. Here are some suggestions for writing that all important thank you note.

Writing a Thank You Note

1) Address it to the recipient (or giver)

2) Acknowledge what you are thank them for. Example: Thank you for the earrings they will match my green dress perfectly!

3) Mention how you plan to use or display the gift (see above)

4) End with warm words of gratitude. Perhaps even a follow up thought or invitation such as “I look forward to spending more time with you” or “I would love to invite you over for dinner.” (Remember these are not necessary though gratitude is the main objective here).

5) And don’t forget the stamp!

So, let’s sit down for a few moments today and write out a thank you note to those who thought so highly of you that they took the time to search out and buy a gift for you this Holiday Season.

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