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December Self-Care Challenge Day 29: Write to Yourself

I have a good friend that writes a letter to herself every year. She is very detailed in this letter she puts

1. Her original goals

2. Goals accomplished

3. Places visited

4. Knitting projects completed

5. Physical activity achieved

6. Special days/events

And more.

Then she writes down her goals for the new year, and I mean she PLANS, she plans things down to the month and week! She writes goals for

1. Physical wellness

2. Mental health

3. Hobbies (for us it’s knitting)

4. Adventure goals

5. Places to visit

6. When to do certain things like order or make birthday or holiday presents

7. Spiritual wellness

And like I said…more.

I love that she does this but I don’t know about you, but when I see all this work instead of getting energized I get overwhelmed and….honestly….depressed.

I mean I struggle to remember what I made for dinner last night let alone all the adventures and beautiful knitted items I made this year!

So. I am not going to ask you to do what my friend does. Oh, if that all sounds exciting go for it! However, for today’s invite I am going to keep things MUCH simpler.

Today I invite you to choose from the following topics and write a letter to yourself on the subject. JUST ONE! (if you want you make a month long project out of this and choose one topic a day, or week, to write about but for today, just choose one please) 😊

1. How do you feel about this past year?

2. Did your life change in any significant way this past year? How and in what way?

3. What are you most proud of from this last year?

4. What is one memory you have from this last year?

5. Would you have done anything differently if you could?

6. Were there any “ah-ha” moments? If so, what were they?

7. What goals did you set for yourself this past year? How did you do on them?

8. What was most stressful or caused you anxiety this past year?

9. How did you relieve your daily stress this past year?

10. How much “me time” did you incorporate into this past year?

11. What are you most grateful for?

12.What challenged you the most this past year?

13.Were you ever triggered? If so, provide details of what it was.

14. What is something you wanted to do this year but didn’t?

15.Did you have any routines? Say in the morning, afternoon, or evenings? If so write them down.

16. What do you wish you could have done more of this past year?

17.Do you feel there is anything left undone from this past year?

18. Have your tastes, or interests/hobbies changed or grown in the past year?

19.What is your favorite meal experience from the past year?

20.Do you learn something new? If so, what was it and did you enjoy it?

21. Who did you spend the most time with? How was that for you?

22.Who are the most influential people in your life right now? Choose 1-3 people. Why are they so influential to you?

23.Who can you count on when the going gets tough? What does that look like?

24.Did you have a falling out with anyone?

25.Is there anyone that you may need to apologize to? Why and how would you go about accomplishing that?

26. What have been the most important relationships in your life this past year?

27. What did quality time look like with loved ones this past year?

28.How did you show others that you cared for them this past year?

29. When you say or write, 2021, what comes to mind first?

30.What is the most hurtful or shocking news you heard, or witnessed this past year?

Okay that’s 30 possible letters to yourself!

But remember just choose one topic for today. What out of the 30 choices most resonates with you?

Perhaps I missed something and by reading this list you’ve thought of something you want to write about instead. GO FOR IT! Remember I am here to offer choices, I am not demanding you do things my way!

And in the end remember that this year has been a doozy of a year my friends, so be gentle with yourself as you reflect.

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