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December Self-Care Challenge Day 4: Photos of Loved Ones

Today’s challenge is a pretty fun one if I do say so myself. 😊

Today I want to invite you to take a few moments to put together some pictures of your loved ones in places you will see often. The goal is that when you see the pictures you will feel uplifted and energized even when previously you felt depleted.

Notice I said to choose loved ones. I didn’t categorize things into definite groups such as family vs. friends. Why? Because love is not defined by blood ties. Those we love can be family, friends, a mentor, an idea even. You choose to define what these pictures will represent to you. The end goal is that they be uplifting to your emotional health and wellbeing.

Now where do we put the pictures once we have them? You choose. Perhaps it will be the home screen of your phone or printed out and put on the dash of your car, your computer, your fridge, or your bathroom mirror. Again, the choice is yours. The only thing I ask here is that the photos be placed strategically so as to maximize the emotional benefits of this activity.

In 2009 there was a study done on seriously ill patients undergoing treatment. What they found was that just by looking at a picture of a loved one patients reported a reduction in the physical pain.

Reports also indicate that endorphins are activated in the brain simply by viewing a picture of a loved one. These studies indicate that a reduction in mental strain, stress or anguish can be received by the simple action of looking at a picture of ones that you love.

This is a great method for keeping you motivated, feeling secure, and at the same time when you need a pick me up you have these to look at and those feelings of love and security will enliven your day providing self-care in a flash.

Enjoy my friends!

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