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Episode 47: Gnomes, Gnomes, GNOMES

‎Little Cabin Knits on Apple Podcasts

Little Cabin Knits is a biweekly podcast all about knitting, mental health, advocacy, and life happenings here in the wilds of Alaska with a little bit of Hygge sprinkled throughout. I’m your host Emily. I am a knitter, crafter, mental health therapist, and explorer of my home state of Alaska

This week’s episode contains:

  • Admin

  • spotlight

  • ’raise a cuppa

  • On the Shelf

  • On the couch

  • Personal skill set: Let it Flow

  • A time for hygge and

  • Contemplation Corner


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· We will be hosting a live knit together on Steph’s Birthday, Sept 4th Please join us on our YouTube channel we have an amazing giveaways! Than we will be going on a month long hiatus for my wedding and honeymoon 😊


Imagined landscapes podcast

Raise A Cuppa

Things are really heating up for the wedding my friends! Just today Mr Radio got a huge package in the mail and at first he said “Oh I order more Emergency food rations” then moments later he plopped the open box down in front of me and stood back….I was confused so I looked down and gasped in shock. Then I started shaking and said “I don’t understand.” Mr Radio replied “Happy wedding love…I just couldn’t wait to give this to you.”

What was it?

A Schact Spinning Wheel!!!!!

I started squealing and jumped up to hug him. You see I started spinning over 5 years ago. However, when I moved back to Alaska after my divorce in Oregon I had to sell my spinning wheel to pay for my car to be shipped up here. Then a dear friend gave me her antique spinning wheel but when I moved from Kenai back to Anchorage it broke, and I can’t figure out how to fix it. So I have not been able to spin in over two years at this point.

The thing is Mr Radio got me the EXACT spinning wheel I’ve been wanting the Schact Sidekick and even in the color I wanted…teal!

He said he remembered from over a year ago my mentioning wanting to replace my spinning wheel and he went hunting for it as my wedding gift!

He was disappointed though because he, not being a crafter or a spinner, didn’t realize that I needed the whorl and bobbins and the package he got did not come with them. So sadly, I still can’t spin as I need to get my hands on those items but in the meantime, I am putting this in pride of place in my living room and ogling it all day long.

This, my friends, is what love is all about- not the gift itself, but him listening to me and wanting to make my dreams come true. These are the reasons I love him.

My knitting friends, if you know of anyone selling there Schact whorl and bobbins send them my way please!

On the Shelf:

· Bunting Fit for a Queen by Vero Pepperrell

o Free pattern on Ravelry

o Yarn: Madelintosh fingering weight for the bunting in colorways Tacenda, Barbara Deserved Better, and Glazed Pecan.

o I have finished the bunting marathon. All the ends are woven in and each one has been blocked. I have begun the arduous process of stringing them up on ribbon…I say arduous because making the ribbon not twist and look haphazard has been a challenge. But no fear my patience may be thin but I’m persevering!

On the Couch:

· Snowberry by Shannon Cook

o Yarn: Alaska Jude’s Yarn in her SW Wool worsted weight monster skein of 8 oz.

o The yarn doesn’t have a colorway it is soft greens, blues and whites.

o I led a two day manager retreat over the past few weeks and so when I wasn’t leading discussions, presenting, or introducing a speaker, I was knitting on my Snowberry. I got another 6 inches done on this and still the bobbles sections are my favorite! They are so fun to knit and the way they stand out from the garter stitch background just makes me smile in delight.

· Wedding Socks

o Pattern: Tea and Scandal by This Handmade Life

o Knit on US 1.5 needles

o Yarn: 3 sisters Fiber, in the colorway faded rose, on her Moxie Base.

o I am so disappointed. I had the project by my spot on the couch one night and the next I couldn’t find it anywhere in the house! I tore my living room and office space apart looking for it but sadly it remains a mystery. I have resigned myself that I may not have wedding socks to wear the day of the wedding but I am still sad.

· Gnot Just Another Gnome

o By Sarah Schira of the Imagined Landscapes audio podcast

o Yarn: leftovers from the bunting in Madelintosh fingering weight for the bunting in colorways Tacenda, and Glazed Pecan.

o This gnome is one of two I am knitting for our “cake” toppers at the wedding. This one is Mr Radio’s the hat is in the green and the body in the golden brown…it reminds me of a tree lol!

o I have all the pieces done, the body stuffed and sewed up, I just need to attach the beard, arms and nose to the body for the finishing touches.

o I stuffed buttons at the bottom of the gnome as weights to assist in him standing up – Sara suggests using weighted pellets but I don’t have those and I do have a ridiculous mount of random buttons so I made do with what I had and it worked like a peach.

o The pattern was great and this is the first time I’ve knit cables in, probably over 5 years, I was nervous as cables and I don’t get along well on the best of days but I loved the look and was determined to see it through. I’m so glad I did cause even without the beard and arms it is the cutest thing I’ve knit in a long time!

· Gnome de Plume

o By Sarah Schira of the Imagined Landscapes audio podcast

o Yarn: leftovers from old projects. For the hat I am using a mystery scrap yarn in soft pinks and peaches – speckled, and for the body I am using the leftovers from my Aegolious Top by my friend Alexandria Waigner which is Mad Tosh Twist Light in the Copper Pink colorway

o This gnome escaped from the garden. I love it! The hat has reversed stockinette, twisted stitches, and the cutest blooms popping up here and there. The Body is plain stockinette which I believe highlights the hat design even more.

o I believe I am about ¾’s the way through the hat and I can’t wait to knit the little leaves that trail off the end/or tip of the hat. It’s going to be so cute!

Personal Skill Set: Let it Flow

Today’s personal skill set is sort of a flow of consciousness around my feelings and thoughts on self-care. I didn’t write out or do any research on this subject it’s just one that has been on my mind a lot lately and I wanted to share those ponderings with you.

A Time for Hygge

Over the last year in a half, I’ve given you a lot of little ideas for Hygge. Today I want to say “Let it Flow” do what you want with it – no rules, no suggestions from Emily, just do what makes you feel comfortable and loved today.

Contemplation Corner:

“You’re thinking too much, just let it flow.” E. Paluszak

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