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Hygge Home Swap Event-Sign Ups Now Closed

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

This will be the first official swap this is hosted solely on the Little Cabin Knits Podcast and we are super excited about it!

I was thinking the other day about how homebound we have all been the last 18 + months and I thought it would be nice to share our home with another. What am I talking about?

Our first swap I am calling "Hygge Home" and we will be sharing things from our home that bring us joy, peace, and a loving atmosphere with our swap partner.

Here are the rules.

-Sign up for the swap is from January 25th- Feb 14th I will post a link to the sign up form in the Ravelry group of "between knits and purls" as well as a link to the form on my Instagram feed. You do not have to have a Ravelry account to join in the swap!

-Put together your package and have it sent out by March 4th, 2022

-Package not to exceed a $50 value (of items included).

-What to put in your swap package: You can put anything that reminds you of home in there. This can be a candle, a picture frame, Chapstick, a pine cone from your backyard, an iconic trinket from your home state (for instance in Alaska everyone laughs but we love the moose keychain that mimics pooping), chocolates, or another treat that is made in your home town area, etc.

- Each package MUST include 1 skein of yarn within the range of $20- $28 value. This can be purchased from your LYS, or a local dyer you want to support. - the goal here is to share your home area with your swap partner.

-Include a personal note to your swap partner telling them why you included what you did and what it means to you. Make this a personal story to share with your new friend.

I am so excited by this and I hope you all will be too! Let's share our home and the way we Hygge with each other this winter my friends :)


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