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Let's Talk Bugs & Knitting with wee_ewe_knits

Between Knits and Purls (life happenings)


You can find me on IG and Ravelry as: Andersmillknits

This week Emily was very busy with a new venture to try and augment her wedding budget with little crafty items she’s calling “ear savers”

We spent Sunday night at the vet hospital as Watson had ripped a nail out of his foot from the base and it was scary!

I was interviewed by the very kind and engaging NoToothTony. This week we spent 3 hours talking it was amazing! I don’t know when it will be up on his YouTube channel but I will let you know when!


You can find me on IG and Ravelry as: Farmsteadknits

Spring has peaked its head out in our part of the BlueGrass state of Kentucky. I have spent several hours prepping garden beads for cold hardy vegetable planting. As well, continuing to nurture the plants that have been started inside the house as seedlings.


You can find her on IG as: wee_ewe_knits

and Ravelry as: AKwenniger

look for her designs there!

Covid 19 shot this week! and talk about covid life in Alaska

Purls (admin):

  • You may notice a few changes around here: New name, new design, new segments, Everything is new! We are so excited!

  • The old group on Ravelry titled “For the love of minis” has been renamed “Between Knits and Purls” that’s where news and notes can be found.

  • Don’t forget our website

500 subscriber giveaway!! Wins this lovely set of minis by 127

  • We used a random number generator from 1- 522 and the winner is Knitting Bandit

  • Please contact us on IG, or email us at

Once we reach 1,000 subscribers we have a maga giveaway planned!

  • A sweaters Quantity of yarn + a pattern of your choice of up to $10 U.S. dollars on the pattern plate form of your choice.

  • Book: Seasonal Slow Knitting + 1 skein of yarn

  • 1 skein of yarn + a pattern of your choice of up to $10 U.S. dollars on the pattern plate form of your choice.

  • So share, like and subscribe to get the word out!

PlanknitKal news:

  • March is the last month in the 3 month series to organize your yarn and wool.

  • April -June we will be focusing on organizing our patterns be it on paper, online: Ravelry and other places. Matching yarn to projects, etc.

  • Stephanie and I, Emily, are planning a special episode to talk all about how we organized our yarn stash and ideas for moving forward in organizing our pattern stash! So stay tuned!


  • Emily totally forgot to post it in the Ravelry group lol. It’s there now though so go over and put in your vote! We will be announcing it next episode (I promise).

Little Cabin Knits

  • has a new episode out on all podcatchers! Episode 8: Embracing Imperfection

  • Please leave a 5 star review on your podcatcher of choice this is how the show gets traction:)

Interview: Wee_ewe_knits

Today we interviewed the incredibly talented Alex Wenniger! Alex is an Alaskan Entomologist studying the life cycle of beetles in Alaska. We have a fascinating discussion on her work, and how she is integrating it into her knit wear designs.

Check out All her patterns on Ravelry!

Below is just a small sampling of her amazing designs featuring: Colorwork, Sweaters, Skirts, cowls, headbands, hats, socks, and even a bag with embroidery on it!

Link to her design page

During the interview we mentioned a few patterns and products of interest. here are the links to those:




Darkwater Sweater by Jennifer Steingass

Knit with: Cascade heritage sock colorway: 5605 Plum

My second Alaska Skirt by Alexandria Wenninger or wee ewe knits

Knit with: Ancient stash from the now defunct AndersMill Knits yarn line


My First Alaska Skirt by Alexandria Wenninger or wee ewe knits

Knit with Dream in color Classy in Vague Unease (green) and an unknown blue

Ear Savers of my own design - over 100 hundred and counting!

My first machine knit project - no name just a swatch - plans to make hats to sell to augment the wedding budget:)



Darkwater Sweater by Jennifer Steingass

Knit with: Tamiwicolors Plum Beads & Dark Plumb

Vanilla Bean Striped Socks by Emily O'Grady

Knit with: Knit Picks Felici


No finishes this week for me



Her latest design which is a sweater that features lady bugs on the yoke!

Hue Shift Afghan by Knit Picks

Yarn Used: Brava worsted


her latest Cowl designs:)

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