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Little Cabin Knits Ep 48: Presenting the New Mrs. Radio!

Episode 48: Presenting The New Mrs. Radio!

Little Cabin Knits is a biweekly podcast all about knitting, mental health, advocacy, and life happenings here in the wilds of Alaska with a little bit of Hygge sprinkled throughout. I’m your host Emily. I am a knitter, crafter, mental health therapist, and explorer of my home state of Alaska

This week’s episode contains:

’raise a cuppa
On the Shelf
On the couch
Special Segment: Wedding and Honeymoon Recap with Mr. Radio
Contemplations Corner


  • Andersmillknits on IG and Ravelry

  • Between Knits and Purls on Youtube where you can view the recording of the wedding there! Make sure and press the “Live Chat Replay” on the upper right hand of your screen to see what everyone was saying!

  • You can find all the show notes on our website:

  • If you have a question, comment, or would like to be a guest on Little Cabin Knits you can email me at

  • We have a special event coming up: Pajama Party with Steph and I will be happening in November so set your calendars and bring popcorn and knitting!

  • 24 days of Cheer Swap sign ups are now OPEN!!!! (see previous blog post for sign up information)


This week we are highlighting one that I am sure all of you listening have heard of “Down Cellar Studio Podcast” hosted by the invigorating, talented, kind, and friendly Jen also well known as BostonJen1 on IG.

Jen was a guest on my YouTube channel all the way back in in February of this year. She was such a blast to have on the show. If you are interested in watching that episode, I have linked it in the show notes. It is episode 57 (back when we numbered the episodes lol).

Jen has 217 audio episodes out! And let’s not forget her YouTube channel! Jen has started interviewing interesting people in our community on her YouTube channel as well, she calls it Crafty Chat.

Here’s what I love about Jen: She is always willing to let us glimpse her life in Boston. Not just her knitting life but her everyday life, and family happenings as well. One of my all time favorite parts of her show is when she has the nieces and nephews on to talk about what exciting adventure they got up to that day, or the latest crafting adventures they had with their Aunt Jen.

I love that Jen always has time for all of us. She is always willing to chat with you on Ravelry and IG and those conversations, along with her podcast, make me feel that I have a real friend in Jen 😊

Jen has multiple knitalongs a year but these aren’t your typical, “hey let’s all knit this new pattern I found” kind of KAL, but she has come up with some truly ingenious knit and craft a longs to bring us all together in a more meaningful way. Her yearly PigSkin Party is happening right now as it runs from the beginning of football season till the end. Then in the Summer she has her annual Splash Pad Party. I love hearing about all of these kal’s but I will admit that I have never participated in them. I’m like the creepy side watcher that wants to join in but is always afraid she’ll make a fool of herself in the process. It’s sad really as I have denied myself of meeting new and fun people for years now! Sigh I was actually hoping to join in on the PigSkin party this year, but it started right at the height of wedding prep and I was to overwhelmed with everything happening in my life to join…but maybe it’s not to late! I shall investigate this my friends!

In addition to all of this Jen has developed and written up some pretty fantastic patterns for all stages of knitters. She just came out with a new pattern, that is really two patterns in two different Yarn Weights called Millie Margaret Shawl.

Jen was so kind and gifted me both the fingering and the worsted pattern and it is on my bucket list for this year!

You can find all of Jen’s patterns on Ravelry under her real name: Jennifer Lassonde and remember that I have linked all of these in the show notes for you to find!

Jen’s audio Podcast, Down Cellar Studio Podcast is one of my all-time comfort listens. I particularly love listening to her on my walks with Watson (for some reason I listen to more podcasts while walking than I do while knitting)! It feels like I am walking and talking to an old friend. If you haven’t tried her show out yet I highly recommend it!

Raise A Cuppa

Well, my friends you are now talking to the new Mrs. Radio! Jeremy and I were married on September 17th surrounded by so many loved ones.

Right after the wedding we went on our honeymoon. I was determined that we took this then as I hear from so many couples that they waited to take their honeymoon and then it never happened. I wasn’t going to let that happen to Mr Radio and Me!

As a special treat, instead of my normal “Personal Skill Set” Segment, today I will invite Mr. Radio on the show to recap the wedding prep, the day, the reception, and the honeymoon shenanigans we got up to! So, stay tuned for that!

On the Shelf:

  • Lucky Dog Sweater

  • The pattern is on Ravelry. It is rather pricey however, since I wanted this to fit Watson just right I paid the $9.00 (which admittedly made me gulp a little when I pressed the buy now botton).

  • Yarn: Knit Picks Provincial Tweed worsted in the Grey colorway. This was leftovers from Jeremy’s wedding sweater, and I had to use it!

  • Gnot Just Another Gnome

  • By Sarah Schira of the Imagined Landscapes audio podcast

  • Yarn: leftovers from the bunting in Madelintosh fingering weight for the bunting in colorways Tacenda, and Glazed Pecan.

  • All done! This gnome was one of two I knit as wedding donut toppers however, when we were setting up for the reception, I thought they looked so sweet on Mr. Radio’s and My table that they sat all night long. People loved them!

  • Gnome de Plume

  • By Sarah Schira of the Imagined Landscapes audio podcast

  • Yarn: leftovers from old projects. For the hat I am using a mystery scrap yarn in soft pinks and peaches – speckled, and for the body I am using the leftovers from my Aegolious Top by my friend Alexandria Waigner which is Mad Tosh Twist Light in the Copper Pink colorway

  • This gnome is so adorable; however, it was looking a tad unfinished and as many of you suggested we ended up embroidering some flowers onto it. I was too nervous to mess this up and since my niece Miriam, who has been on the show twice! Is such an expert at it, I asked her to liven her up and it turned out perfect! Miriam tacked down the arms in front of the gnomes belly and gave her a wedding bouquet. So adorable! These gnomes now sit in pride of place on my mantle.

On the Couch:

  • Spring Thing

  • If you joined us for the live Birthday Celebration on YouTube you will know that Stephanie (Farmsteadknits) and I cast this shawl on in honor of her birthday and our friendship.

  • Yarn is by a very good friend, Lauren, of Granite State Yarn in the colorway “Treasured Friends’ with a mini skein of “Raspberry” for the edging and fringe.

  • This colorway is very special to Steph and I as Lauren dyed up this colorway in homage to our Between Knits and Purls Logo. It is absolutely stunning! A speckly yarn with a background of greyish white and flecks of pink and gold throughout. I loved it in the skein, but I squeal when I see it knit up!

  • I’m not sure if Lauren is still stocking this colorway in her shop, it sold out pretty dang fast and she did a couple of dye runs due to demand, however, I am sure she would dye you up a set if you messaged her either on her website or on IG

  • The pattern, like I said is Spring Thing, which is a free pattern on Ravelry from the very talented team at Espace Tricot I couldn’t find any of their patterns on their website but my goodness do they have an amazing selection of goodies there! I think I’ll be sending Mr Radio there for Christmas shopping for me this year lol.

  • This pattern is so easy and yet so gratifying! I had it memorized withing ohhhh 8 rows.

  • I knit on this throughout the honeymoon as I wanted mindless knitting so that my eyes would not be tempted to look away from the scenery outside the car windows. It was perfect car knitting. Now that we are home (well sort of…more on that later), I have been knitting on it as we relax in the evenings watching a new show that one of our friends recommended on Netflix called “mindhunter” it is an especially interesting show for me as a mental health therapist and it talks about the early days of the FBI profilers.

  • Socks for Mr. Radio

  • Yarn: Two Sisters Yarn Co. Purchased at the Yarn Bar in Billings Montana on our honeymoon road trip. The colorway is Yarn Bar as it is dyed up in self stripping to match their logo.

  • I loved this for Mr. Radio and I cast on that night. I am using my own sock recipe casting on 72 sts on US 1’s (I usually use 0 needles at this point but I’ll be honest I was a tad daunted by the idea of knitting Mr Radio a pair od socks on US 0’s) Now though I wish I had. I like the tighter fabric I get from 0’s or even 00’s at this point in my sock knitting career.

  • However, Mr Radio has hobbit feet, size 13’s and I just couldn’t this time.

  • I am on the toe of the first sock (would have had it done by now however, I couldn’t seem to pick up my knitting in the airport or planes I was just too exhausted).

  • I would do things a bit differently on his next pair of socks however, for instance. I would definitely go down at least 1 needle size, and I would cast on less stiches for his leg, say 68 or 64, and then increase up to perhaps even 80-84 stitches for his feet.

  • I used the Fish Lips Kiss Heel for his socks as I have that completely memorized, and I did increase by 4 stitches in prep for that heal. I think I would like to do a heel flap next time and keep the increases I did for the heel as his feet are pretty wide and, well, large.

  • Tweed Boomerang by Lauren Parker

  • Yarn: Mountain Colors in her Tweed base. Main colorway is Bridger Teal, and the variegated that came in the kit did not have a colorway tag attached but it appears to be the same DK Tweed base as the main colorway.

  • I also bought this kit while at the Yarn Bar in Billings (let’s just say I had a GREAT time there lol).

  • I cast this on a few days after Mr Radio’s sock just because I had to, I kept fondling the yarn in my project bag and the temptation was too much!

  • The pattern is $5.00 on Ravelry and while it is a simplistic boomerang shawl pattern (so far at least I haven’t gotten to the lace section yet) I still think this would be a great buy for a beginner knitter, or an experienced one wanting a larger shawl with a lot of squish while also being a mindless knit.

At this point I have a ridiculous amount of projects on the needles, however, I have more planned. On the road trip I bought yarn to make a good friend a baby blanket, I expect to cast that on tonight, and we all know that it is now gift knitting season so I will probably be casting on at least a few projects there as well. However, I hope to start pairing down my projects in the new year. Perhaps I’ll even make it a KAL/CAL for us! I think that would be useful and I will start fielding for prizes for the New Year Project Down Along...Knit and Crochet along right away my friends.

Special Segment: Wedding and Honeymoon Recap with Mr. Radio

I don’t have any show notes for this section as it was an organic conversation, I had with Mr. Radio.

Next episode I plan on taking you through all the yarn I bought town by town so stay tuned for that!

Wedding Day Pics

Honeymoon Trip Pics

Contemplation Corner:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

This, however, was not the case in Mr. Radio’s life. He was just a good man in search of his other half, and I happened to be the lucky other half. I love you Mr. Radio!

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