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Welcome Back! Between Knits and Purls

Welcome back everyone!

Steph and I are so excited to share what we’ve been up to these last 3 weeks (lots and lots of major life changes for both of us) AND what’s been on our needles!

Co Host: Emily

AndersMill knits on Ravelry & IG

Co host: Stephanie

Farmsteadknits on Ravelry & IG

You can listen to all the life changes for Emily on episode 48 of Little Cabin Knits audio podcast streaming on all major podcatchers such as iTunes, stitcher, and now on Amazon Music and Audible!

Don’t forget to sign up for the #24daysofcheer swap on the Ravelry group:

Or email us your information at

Sign ups close at midnight of October 15th!!!!

We are having a Pajama Party in November!!! Comment below what your preferred day and time (with your time zone) is for this special event!

We will be listing the invite to join via video on the Ravelry group and in our IG account within the next week or so! You don’t have to join in via video though you can join us via the chat thread as well for this event, as it will be a live event on YouTube :)

We put up the details for the upcoming #projectdownalong also in the Ravelry group, and on our website

Plus the 4th and final quarter of our year long organizationalong will be up on our Ravelry group when this video goes live as well!

Projects this episode


Honeymoon socks for Mr. Radio

On the needles:


Rhinbeck Roomies Socks by Crazysocklady

And vanilla 3x2 ribbed socks


Tweed Boomerang by Lauren Parker

Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot

Spring Thing by Espace Tricot

Tell us what your Holiday Knitting plans are below!

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