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YouTube: Between Knits and Coughs :)

Between Knits and Coughs ;)

Hosts are:

Emily who is Andersmillknits on Ravelry & Instagram

Stephanie who is Farmsteadknits on Ravelry & Instagram

We are also betweenknitsandpurls on Instagram

We have a Ravelry group called: Betweenknitsandpurls

Emily has an Audio Podcast as well called Little Cabin Knits

You can find it on all the major podcatcher networks such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Overcast, Audible, and Spotify to name a few.

Please leave a review on your favorite podcatcher - Apple, Audible, and stitcher allows for reviews:)

Works In Progress:


1. Jelly Roll Blanket

Rav Link Bakery Bears Patterns Website

2. Tendrilly

Rav Link Creative 2Thrive


1. Heart of the Forest Mitts by Sofia Kammeborn

Rav Link Sofia's Website and Patterns

2. Secret Baby Knitting



1. Libby’s Baby Munchkin Mitts.

Rav Link Etsy Link


1. Rose City Roller Socks.

Rav Link

NPR show production through the podcast “Women’s Work” Episode is called “reimagining our meat system” Women's Work : NPR

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