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Nov 28, 2022
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The centrifugal pump manufacturer tells you the difference The centrifugal pump manufacturer pointed out that in order to better discharge the gas in the moisture absorption pipe and generate a certain vacuum value when the centrifugal pump is working, the exhaust pipe must be used. For small pumps, the pump casing and water inlet must be filled with water before operation. In order to better avoid the jump of water injection, the bottom end of the water inlet is equipped with a unilateral pump bottom valve that opens when the water flows upward and closes when it flows downward; Generally, large centrifugal pumps with water seepage specifications above 300 mm are not equipped with bottom valve of water pump, but only use professional vacuum equipment to vacuum drinking water. There is no doubt that the operation of the feed pump will cause inconvenience, resulting in waste. Principle: Centrifugal pump works by using impeller rotation and then water to produce centrifugal movement. Before running the pump, make sure that the pump casing and the moisture absorption pipe are filled with water. Then run the motor to make the pump shaft push the impeller and water for high-speed running fitness exercise. The water will produce centrifugal movement and be thrown to the edge of the impeller. The water will be injected into the compressed water pipeline of the pump through the flow passage of the volute pump casing. Structure: Centrifugal pump works by using impeller rotation and centrifugal movement of water. The manufacturer of centrifugal pump pointed out that the basic structure of centrifugal pump is composed of six parts, namely, impeller, pump housing, pump shaft, rolling bearing, sealing ring and ferrule joint. Centrifugal pump manufacturer The centrifugal pump manufacturer said that the structural type of the self-priming centrifugal pump has been improved, and it has got rid of the insufficiency of the general pipeline centrifugal pump. The characteristic of self-priming centrifugal pump is that the pump shell is double volute structure. The detergent port is located on the edge of the pump impeller, and there is a large capacity vapor liquid separation chamber on the liquid outlet. Other structures are similar to single pole single suction centrifugal pumps, including sealing rings, mechanical seals, shafts and rolling bearings. When the self-priming pump is in operation for the first time, the water diversion channel must be introduced into the pump casing, and the introduction amount can exceed the pump centerline in the pump casing. After that, the fully automatic suction pipe can be operated at any time and anywhere without introducing the diversion canal, so the application is more convenient than the pipeline centrifugal pump. Principle: The principle of self-priming pump is to fill the pump casing with water (or there is water in the pump casing itself) before the pump runs. After running, the impeller runs at a high speed to make the water in the impeller channel flow to the volute. At this time, the channel generates a vacuum pump to open the seepage check valve. The gas in the suction pipe enters the pump and reaches the edge through the impeller channel. Structure: Self priming centrifugal pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, but it is different from centrifugal pump in that it has "self priming" characteristics. The basic structure of the self-priming pump is composed of a suction chamber, a liquid storage chamber, a scroll chamber, a liquid collecting hole, a vapor liquid separation chamber, etc. water ring vacuum pump of energy saving and environmental protection functions Liquid ring vacuum pump Liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer